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by hisviks

Chapter 9 – Interlude

Eric/Sookie – AU/AH -When the man who raised Eric to be the expert killer that he is, reveals he has six months left to live nothing seems to matter anymore. The revenge and unanswered questions that have haunted him for over 16 years catapult into acceleration as his last job in Russell’s employ throws all his plans off center. – Rated M for language and lemons


Boxing Day

by California Kat

Boxing Day

Story 4 of the Gift Horse Series—Now that Eric has eliminated Freyda, can he reach Sookie before her child is born? And—is Pam really going to try to channel a Lamaze partner for Sookie? What could possibly go wrong with that? (Must reads: “Gift Horse,” “Scrooged,” and “Black Christmas.”)



by Sakshi Chopra

Heaven And Hell House of Pleasures – Chapter 7

A bored couple on tenterhooks…A curious girl out for some fun…Meddlesome friends…Welcome to the Heaven and Hell House of Pleasures…A love story full of fluff, fun, drama and our usual suspects…  Short summary– Eric and Sookie meet and part in an unconventional, not-so-innocent way. Years later, their paths cross once more and trouble ensues again…


Northman’s Nanny – Chapter 42

by VictoryInTrouble

He- gorgeous, successful, lonely single father. She- smart, friendly, awkward college senior. When they meet, there’s an instant attraction but their working relationship should prevent anything from happening. However, good intentions are sometimes not good enough. M for strong language and sexual content. AU/AH Funny, sometimes heavy, but often joyful and sweet. Take a look!



by kjwrit

The Venefica & The Vampire – Chapter 7 – Blindside

Starting with the death of her mother at her birth, Sookie Stackhouse believed she came into the world already cursed. But when she’s thrust into the world of the supernatural, where more than just vampires are real, with the unlikely help of a vampire sheriff, she finds out just how truly cursed she is.

AU/Rated M/Dual POV’s




Never Look Back – Please Turn Around – Chapter 24: Epilogue – Pt 3

By: DcOliver FanFiction

This is a CHEATING story… So avoid it if you’re fragile. Story told in three parts, Apov, Cpov and a dual epilogue.   Angst/Hurt/Comfort – Christian G., Anastasia S. – Chapters: 24 – Words: 112,618

Saving Fifty Shades – Chapter 13


Christian is the way he is because of Elena. Why is Elena the way she is? This story does not revolve around Elena, but Ana meets Elena first and continues to save both of them. Like Bella in Twilight, Ana figures Christian’s secret out before he tells her. Some changes to accomodate the story line, but nothing major and NO cheating. Please read:)   Romance/Drama – Christian G., Anastasia S. – Chapters: 13 – Words: 65,949


Dragon Ball Z & Inuyasha


The Fusion Dance – Chapter 9: Not Welcomed

By: Dr Harleen Frances Quinzel

Once the jewel shard became whole, Kagome lost the Inuyasha she knew. What happens when the man she once loved becomes her worst enemy? During a fight between Kagome and Inuyasha something goes wrong and she finds herself in another world, not able to return to the life she once knew. What happens when she finds herself in the land of dragon balls and Super Saiyans? MATURE READERS!   Humor/Romance – [Gohan, Kagome H.] [Goku, Bulma] – Chapters: 9 – Words: 49,606


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  1. bwtawny said:

    Does anyone have a copy of Preemptive Strike Season 5 that I could download for my own library? I got a copy from someone and it is in azw format. It will not open or convert. I just get a message that the file is corrupt. I know I can access it on Fictionpad but I find the site difficult to use. Thanks in advance. 🙂


  2. bwtawny said:

    Oops! Forgot author Carroll E Stewart. Thanks


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